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5/29/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Ministry of Health issues an important statement on the Corona pandemic

The Ministry of Public Health and Population issued an important statement on the Corona pandemic, explaining that the inaccuracy and inefficiency of solutions and swabs sent by the World Health Organization influenced the results of laboratory tests that showed positive for non-human and unexpected samples.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health mentioned several points, including:

1. The Ministry of Public Health and Population has, from the first moment of the announcement of the pandemic, drawn up a national emergency plan to confront the pandemic, including allocating places for isolation and equipping them in the capital’s secretariat and the rest of the governorates according to the available capabilities.

2. A country-specific strategy and vision were developed that is appropriate to our situation and living conditions, benefiting from the experiences of other countries in dealing with the pandemic.

3. Many countries of the world have intimidated and exaggerated the procedures of confrontation, which weakened the morale of their citizens and created a state of fear, fear and anxiety, which was more deadly than the disease itself.

4. Many countries of the world dealt with cases of infection as numbers and statistics, which negatively affected the psychological and immune status of societies.

5. In living conditions such as the one that our country is experiencing from aggression, siege and salary cuts, the measures must be commensurate with the conditions of the country, relying on a focus on the educational side and health education in ways of transmitting the virus and ways to control and prevent it, betting in this on God’s help and support and on people's awareness of commitment With the precautionary instructions and instructions issued by the Ministry, including proper nutrition to strengthen immunity, and that they handle a high responsibility to prevent the spread of the virus and limit its transmission.

 6. Inaccuracy and inefficiency of the solutions and swabs sent to us by the World Health Organization, which affected the results of laboratory tests that showed positive for non-human and unexpected samples that will be revealed in a press conference during the coming days.

7. We assure our Yemeni people that cases of coronavirus infection (Covid 19) have appeared in several different regions and governorates in our country, including the Capital Municipality, and that we are working with every responsibility to provide the necessary health care for cases of infection, as we work to track contacts and monitor their cases.

8. We thank, appreciate, and value the efforts of all health sector workers who spare no effort in investigating, responding, providing service and health care around the clock throughout Yemen, wishing from the community the appreciation of this great role for these people.

The Ministry called on all citizens to cooperate with the Ministry of Health to support its efforts to tackle the virus and confront it through resorting to God Almighty and in full compliance with the instructions and instructions issued by the Ministry under the rule (neither intimidation nor underestimation), especially in light of the failure of international organizations to provide aid and necessary assistance to Yemen.

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