Ministry News
6/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Ministry of Health condemns the crime of aggression in Saadah and holds the United Nations humanitarian and legal responsibility

The Ministry of Public Health and Population confirmed that thirteen martyrs, including four children and a woman, were killed, 12 of whom were identified as a preliminary result, after the aggression raids targeted two civilian cars on the road in the Shadha District in Saadah governorate.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health condemned this brutal crime committed by the Saudi-American aggression plane today in the Shadha district, noting that the aggression massacre comes within a series of many crimes committed by the Saudi-American coalition and presented to the eyes of the international community, the United Nations, and international organizations.

She pointed out that the aggression targeted the citizens on board the car, unaware that the brutality of the aggression alliance does not differentiate between anything but it only searches for souls, bodies and blood to take their lives and shed their blood and tear their bodies apart, as is the case of all its crimes during more than 63 months of the beginning of the crimes that did not end until now.

In its statement, the Ministry of Health also condemned the permanent international silence towards these crimes, which is the green light for the criminal to commit more crimes based on the international political, humanitarian and legal cover, saying, "If there was a real United Nations, the sixth year of this aggression should not come while the aggression still commits these crimes."

The Ministry of Health held the United Nations and all its organizations responsible for humanitarian and legal rights, along with the coalition regulations, for every drop of blood that was shed during the aggression period.

It called on the international community to carry out its responsibilities towards the Yemeni people in what they are exposed to from the war of genocide led by America and implemented by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and their alliances, whether by committing direct crimes or through an unjustified unjust siege that kills thousands of children and patients.