Ministry News
6/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Minister of Health: The United Nations has twice killed Yemeni children with its silence and by removing Saudi Arabia from the blacklist

Today, Saturday, Minister of Public Health and PopulationDr. Taha Al-Mutawakil considered that the United Nations twice killed theYemeni children in its silence about killing them by the aggression and thesiege, and today by removing the name of Saudi Arabia from the list of childkillers despite international evidence and reports.

The Minister of Health said during the consultative meetingof the health sector to announce the results of the evaluation of governmenthospitals and private medical facilities in Amran governorate: More than 7,000Yemeni children martyrs and wounded. They have been killed by the aggression ofthe coalition in their homes since the first raid and the United Nationswithout shame removes Saudi Arabia from the list of shame.

He explained that one week after Saudi Arabia was removedfrom the list of child killers, Its had 37 children killed and wounded.

And that the deaths of children under 28 days as a result ofthe aggression and the blockade amounted to 20% of the total births, and thisnumber is documented internationally.

He pointed out that documented internationally, that forchildren under the one year the number of deaths  is 53 thousand annually, and under 5 years is72 thousand children every year as a result of the siege imposed by theSaudi-American  coalition's aggression onYemen.

The Minister of Health added: Today we are counting on freepeople and nations of the world to expose the United Nations crime againstchildren in Yemen, and against the ongoing aggression and the deadly siege.

He stressed that the United Nations is supposed to take Saudileaders to the justice courts instead of giving them forgiveness and polishingtools at the expense of children's blood.

To that, the Minister of Health noted that emergencyoperations and intensive care may stop as a result of the oil derivative crisis,and the United Nations is silently observing, despite its knowledge of thecrisis.

He pointed out that more than 3,500 patients with kidneyfailure are at risk of death if there are no oil derivatives from the dialysiscenters.

He pointed out that the nursery departments for newbornsunder 28 days are at risk of stopping and the death of hundreds of children asa result of Saudi predecessors by preventing entry to oil ships.

He added that the oxygen factories sent a warning of theirnear stoppage due to the scarcity of oil derivatives and the coalitionpreventing entry to oil ships.

He called on all consultant doctors to allocate 3 hours oftheir time in isolation centers and to carry out their humanitarian andnational duties in the face of the aggression and a world whom abandoned theassistance of besieged Yemen.

He stressed during the consultative meeting of the healthsector to announce the results of the evaluation of government hospitals,private medical facilities, pharmacies, units and centers in the Amrangovernorate headed by him and the governor of Amran Faisal Ja'aman, that thehealth sector is currently living a major reform phase that will continue untilits end and reach a health service befitting the people of Yemen.

For his part, the Governor of Amran considered that thegovernment plan to confront Corona is appropriate to the circumstances of theaggression, the siege, and that citizens should be concerned with facing thewar of rumors pumped by the hostile media.