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9/27/2020 12:00:00 AM

Yemen celebrates the International Pharmacists Day with a scientific event at Sana'a University

(24 / Sep / 2020)

The College of Pharmacy at Sana'aUniversity and the Supreme Commission for Medicines and Medical Supplies incooperation with the Yemeni Federation of Medicines Producers today organized ascientific event on the occasion of the International Pharmacists Day (25September).

At the event, the Minister of PublicHealth and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel stressed the importance ofcelebrating the International Pharmacists Day in conjunction with Yemen'scelebrations of the glorious September 21 and September 26 revolutions, and thecommemoration of 2000 days of the steadfastness of the Yemeni people in theface of aggression.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel reviewed the sufferingthat the Yemeni people and patients are subjected to as a result of theaggression’s coalition’s persistence in closing Sana’s airport and Hodeidahport, and preventing the entry of life-saving medicines in a clear and explicitviolation of all international norms and conventions.

He pointed out the importance ofstanding with pharmacists on their international day and urging them to furthertraining and qualification in local pharmaceutical companies and factories toenable them to be able to produce and manufacture local medicine to contributeto building and reviving the nation, calling on local drug companies andfactories to move towards developing standards related to drug manufacturing inYemen to move towards Good, safe and effective drug manufacturing and achievingself-sufficiency.


Dr Al-Mutawakel also called forincreasing the pace of scientific pharmaceutical research that began at theuniversity and ministry level in the production of local medicines, which donot cover about 10 percent of the actual need for the drug in the country,indicating that about 90 percent of the drug needs are imported from abroad.

At theevent, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education andScientific Research, Dr. Ali Sharaf Al-Din and the Director General of theHealth Office of the Secretariat, Dr. Mutahhar Al-Marouni, a group ofacademics, practitioners of the profession of pharmacy, experts and researchersfrom various governorates and pharmacy students, the Dean of the College ofPharmacy at Sanaa University Dr. Khaled Al-Shobah pointed out the importance ofthe celebration On the International Pharmacists Day, to highlight the role ofthe pharmacist in enhancing the quality of health services provided to thepatient through the safe and effective use of drugs and encouraging pharmaciststo prepare research related to the development of pharmaceutical care and toexclude it from its traditional role of dispensing prescription to focus onpatient safety and treatment outcomes.

Dr.Al-Shuba called on the Yemeni Federation of Medicines Producers to manufacturelife-saving drugs in Yemen, foremost among which is the production ofintravenous solutions and pills, and moving the pharmaceutical industry wheelto reach self-sufficiency.


For hispart, the representative of the Yemeni Union of Medicines Producers, Dr. NabilAtef, considered the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry in Yemen one ofthe important industrial manufacturing sectors that Yemen needs to expand inthe coming period.

Theyemphasized that the national pharmaceutical industry should be a fundamentalpillar in the formation of the strategic economic dimension of Yemen, due toits direct link to securing the citizen's health, in addition to its economicimportance, and its close link to the health sector.

To that,the Minister of Health, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and a number ofofficials of the relevant authorities were informed of the progress of thepharmaceutical products exhibition for the national companies and factoriesparticipating in the event.

Theevent included presenting scientific paragraphs and poems on the occasion,after which the Minister of Health was honored with the Yemeni PharmacistsShield, in appreciation of his great role in supporting, encouraging anddeveloping the national pharmaceutical industries, as well as honoring theparticipants, the relevant authorities, Yemeni pharmacists and members of thefaculty of the College of Pharmacy with memorial shields and certificates ofappreciation.

It isworth noting that the International Pharmacists Day has been designated andapproved by the International Federation of Pharmacists (FIP) on 25 Septemberannually since 2009.