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أخبار عامة
10/3/2020 12:00:00 AM

The service sectors in Hodaidah have consistently denounced the detention of oil derivative ships

(30 / Sep / 2020)

The employees and workers of a number of institutions, bodies, companies, service offices and hospitals in Hodaidah governorate today organized a protest stand in front of the United Nations office in Hodaidah, condemning the continued detention of oil derivative ships and preventing their entry to the port of Hodaidah.

At the stand, the establishments and service sectors in the governorate warned in statements issued by them that were delivered to the United Nations office in Hodaidah of the repercussions of an imminent disaster threatening the Yemeni people due to the continued detention of oil derivative ships by the coalition of aggression.

The data indicated that the humanitarian catastrophe for the Yemeni people is exacerbating in light of the international silence and the blatant piracy of the countries of aggression ... pointing to the failure of the United Nations to deal seriously and responsibly with this disaster that afflicts the vital sectors, especially the health sector, most of which may stop completely due to the lack of oil derivatives.

The statements renewed the demand for an end to the aggression, the lifting of the blockade, and the abolition of the arbitrary restrictions imposed by the coalition on the entry of basic commodities such as food, medicine and oil derivatives to the port of Hodaidah and pressure on the countries of aggression to release the detained ships and allow their access to the port.

The statements denounce the shameful and shameful silence of the United Nations and the international community towards the follies committed by the aggression countries by detaining oil derivative ships and killing Yemenis with all kinds of weapons.

The statements held the major countries, the aggression coalition and their mercenaries, the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen responsible for the exacerbation of the humanitarian situation in Yemen ... warning of a humanitarian catastrophe if the unjust siege on Yemen continues.

The stand, in which ambulances belonging to governmental and private health facilities and centers, were attended by leaders, employees, and workers of the Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority, the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, the General Electricity Corporation, the Yemeni Oil Company, dialysis centers, central health laboratories and health offices in the districts of Al Hawk, Al-Hali, Al-Mina, Al-Amal, Rasheed and Al-Hodaidah hospitals.