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10/17/2020 12:00:00 AM

Ministry of Health confirms its willingness to deal with the health of released prisoners

15 October 2020

The Ministry of Public Health and Population has confirmed that it is fully prepared to deal with any state of health of the released prisoners and those returning to their countries of origin.

Health ministry spokesperson Dr Youssef Al-Hadhiri said the ministry had mobilized its medical staff and capacity to treat prisoners released from the army and popular committees who arrived at noon today. 'in a manner consistent with their sacrifices and what some patients might demand of them.

He pointed out that 14 teams have been prepared, each comprising a "general practitioner, dermatologist, laboratory, pharmacist and nurse" for the initial examination of prisoners released upon arrival at Sana'a International Airport, taking samples samples for examination and preparing ambulances, some of which contain intensive care for some critical cases, and transfer some directly to Hospitals.

DrAl-Hadhiri pointed out that a mobile pharmacy has been equipped with emergency and emergency medicine for any condition that may be affected by pressure,diabetes, heart, skin sores or other illnesses, as well. as a means of safety and health protection for all editors.

He confirmed that the second stage of health care for editors will begin after the popular reception by subjecting them to a full medical examination by specialists in cardiovascular, internal, orthopedics, brain and nerves,dermatology, eyes, nose, ears and throat and psychology in the capital, Sana'a,before some of them are sent to their governorates and coordination with health offices in governorates to provide comprehensive health care, care and services for all cases of released prisoners