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10/28/2020 12:00:00 AM

University of Science and Technology Hospital celebrates the birth of the Prophet

(27 / October / 2020)

Today, the University of Science and Technology Hospital in Sana'a organized a ceremonial event marking the birth of the Prophet.

In the event attended by Minister of State Abdulaziz Al-Bakir, Minister of State Dr. Hamid Al-Mazjaji indicated that the celebration of this occasion comes as an expression of Yemenis' love for the greatest messenger and an affirmation of true belonging to him and following his path.

And the celebration of this occasion considered a front from the fronts of victory and steadfastness in the face of the enemies of God, His Messenger and the homeland, and a message to the runners of normalization with the Zionist entity, that the Yemenis are proceeding with the approach of the Messenger, peace be upon him.

In the ceremony attended by the head of the Logistic Support Authority, Major General Abdul-Malik Al-Durrah, the Deputy Head of the Capital Municipality, Ahsan Qadi, and the Director of the Health Office in the Secretariat, Dr. Mutahar Al-Marouni, the hospital director, Dr. Fahmy Al-Hakimi, indicated that the celebration of the memory of someone who did not speak out of whims and desires is a station to provide the morals and values ​​of the Prophet and to draw lessons and lessons from his fragrant biography .

He pointed out that the revival of the Prophet's birthday embodies the relationship between the people of Yemen and the Holy Prophet since the dawn of Islam.

The event included various chant and theatrical performances expressing the greatness and love of the greatest Messenger.