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1/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

The opening of the expanded intensive care at the Republic Hospital Authority in Amanat AL Asimah

[10Jan / 2021]

The Director of the Presidency Office, Ahmed Hamed, Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, and the Mayor of Al-Asimah Hammoud Abbad opened today the expanded intensive care unit of the Republican Teaching Hospital Authority in Amanat Al-Asimah, with a 28-bed capacity.

Hamed, Dr. Al-Mutawakel and Abbad heard from the head of the authority, Dr. Mutahar Morshed, and his deputy for technical affairs, Dr. Obaid Al-Adimi, an explanation of the equipment with care, which was provided with the latest technologies with self-financing and support from the Qatar Red Crescent and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

At the opening, the Director of the Presidential Office praised the efforts of the leaderships of the Ministry of Health and the Capital Secretariat in developing and modernizing the Republic Hospital Authority and expanding and improving the services provided to citizens.

"We were honored today with the opening of a number of projects at the Republic Hospital Authority, some of which are under construction and others ready, including the opening of the expanded intensive care unit, which includes 28 care beds equipped with the latest equipment," he said.

He added, "The Republic Hospital Authority has not been restored since the seventies, and currently there is attention to developing it despite the financial distress and the situation that the Yemeni people are going through as a result of the continued aggression and siege, but if the will and successful management are available, many things will be achieved in a way that meets the aspirations and needs of citizens."

Hamed blessed the updates and the specific projects in the authority, which are under completion at the centers of emergency, motherhood and childhood, as well as the project of the liver transplant center, urging more efforts to be made to expand medical services, in a way that alleviates the suffering of citizens.

"We will continue to advance the health sector and we will succeed in the field of medicine, just as we have succeeded in the military field," he said.

While the Minister of Public Health and Population indicated that the implementation of projects in the bodies and hospitals comes according to the directions of the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council and within the framework of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state and the ten priorities.

He explained that among the Ministry's priorities is to pay attention to providing medical services, to work on operating bodies, hospitals, units and centers at a rate of one hundred percent, and to upgrade emergency services in all public and private hospitals and what is related to them in terms of searchlights, laboratories, operations, rest and care.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel pointed out that the opening of the expanded intensive care comes within the framework of the year 21-22 AD project, during which 100 intensive care beds will be opened in the authority ... indicating that there are great efforts being made by the authority's leadership to expand and develop medical services in it.

He praised the role of the Qatar Red Crescent and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in supporting such projects that meet the needs of citizens.

In turn, the Mayor of the Capital, Hammoud Abbad, considered the implementation of health projects a qualitative leap and strategic shifts in the health field.

He pointed out that the Republic Hospital Authority, which has been accompanied by neglect for years, is witnessing qualitative transformations and is entering a new phase of health construction ... noting the efforts of the authority’s leadership in implementing health projects, including the opening of expanded intensive care equipped with the latest equipment.

Obad expressed hope that the authority would be a model case, especially at the level of Yemen, capable of providing distinguished medical services.

While the head of the Republic Hospital Authority in the Secretariat, Dr. Mutahar Morshed, indicated that the opening of care and the implementation of health projects in the authority comes within the framework of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state and the authority’s vision of developing and expanding health and medical services.

He stated that the authority is working to expand the emergency departments and intensive care during the years 21-22 AD to reach 100 care beds .. indicating that the authority has an emergency capacity of 50 beds funded by the Capital Municipality and we are seeking this year to open a liver transplant center.

For his part, the health official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Muhammad Saad, praised the interest of the Supreme Political Council, the Ministry of Health and the Amanat al-Asimah in the health sector and providing medical services to citizens, displaced persons and refugees.

The Director of the Presidential Office, the Minister of Health and the Secretary of the Capital inspected the progress of work in a number of projects under implementation at the Republic Hospital Authority.

They were briefed on the progress of work in equipping the authority's new emergency center, which includes a triage and waiting hall, a laboratory, operations and care with a capacity of 12 beds.

They were also informed about the progress of work on the project of rehabilitating the burns and cosmetic center at the authority, funded by the World Health Organization and a personal contribution from the Republic Hospital Authority.

Hamed, Al-Mutawakel and Abbad inspected the final finishes of the Motherhood and Childhood Center project at the authority, which consisted of outpatient clinics, the obstetrics and gynecology department, major operations ward, nursery and pediatric departments, and obstetrics and gynecology emergency.

The opening was attended by the Director of the Health Office in the Capital Secretariat, Dr. Mutahhar Al-Marouni, and the Vice-Presidents of the Republic Hospital Authority.