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أخبار عامة
2/22/2021 12:00:00 AM

Discussing the conditions and performance of the Al-Thawra Hospital Authority in Sana'a

( 21February / 2021)

A meeting at the Al-Thawra Hospital Authority in Sana'a today chaired by the Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel discussed aspects related to the authority’s conditions and ways to improve the services provided to citizens.

The meeting, which included the head of the authority, Dr. Abdul-Malik Jahaf, his deputies and heads of departments, reviewed the difficulties facing the workflow and the needs of the various departments in the authority, including emergency and intensive care in light of the continuing aggression and siege.

The meeting discussed the therapeutic and diagnostic services provided by the hospital to the sick and wounded, and the problems facing the authority, including shortages of medicines and medical supplies.

In the meeting, the Minister of Health indicated the importance of meeting with the heads of departments to discuss the conditions and efforts made in providing health services to patients despite the challenges they face during this exceptional period.

He urged redoubling of efforts to improve the health situation and provide high-quality services to patients, stressing the ministry’s readiness to provide support to the authority to return to its pioneering role as it was and as a reference to the various governorates and to enable them to play their role in providing health and medical services to citizens.

Minister Al-Mutawakil stressed the importance of utilizing what is in the authority in terms of infrastructure, paying attention to the medical and technical staff, working to maintain devices and equipment, providing medicines and medical supplies, and activating the information network to improve performance, improve services in the authority and develop them.

He stressed the need to activate and develop the specialized centers in the authority, including kidney centers, kidney and heart transplantation, and others.

While the president of the authority, Dr. Jahaf, praised the efforts of the authority’s cadres in performing their duties and work and providing services to patients and hesitants.

He pointed out the importance of supporting the authority’s efforts to enable it to play its role in providing medical services that contribute to alleviating the suffering of patients in the capital and the governorates.