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أخبار عامة
3/14/2021 12:00:00 AM

The Ministry of Health organizes an event on the anniversary of the martyr the leader, the day of spending and support for the fronts

10March 2020

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Public Health and Population organized an event on the anniversary of the martyr leader Hussein Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi and the Day of Spending in the Path of God and Supporting the Fronts. At the event, Minister of Health Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel pointed to the importance of commemorating the annual memory of the martyr, the leader who stood in the face of the forces of global hegemony and arrogance. The annual commemoration of the martyr the leader, a station for commitment and adherence to his Quranic project and work to change the reality of the nation in various fields. He pointed out that the annual commemoration of the martyr the leader commemorates the values, principles and foundations that he pursued, and everyone reaps their fruits today with pride, glory and victory .. stressing the continuation of the path of the martyr leader and his project In the face of the forces of American arrogance and expelling the invaders from every inch in Yemen, Dr. Al-Mutawakel talked about the importance of adhering to the identity of faith and establishing it in the souls, as it is one of the most important principles that the martyr the leader established and sacrificed for it ... indicating that the health sector today stands at the threshold of a new phase in confronting He explained that the ministry and all its sectors and offices in the governorates stand with the Al-Mourabitoun and are proud of what they do in defending the homeland To display national sovereignty out of a sense of the responsibility entrusted to everyone. He called for activating initiatives, doubling spending and continuing to supply fronts with money, men and equipment until victory is achieved, urging that money be given to participate in making victory. Dr. Al-Mutawakel added, “We are aware of the conditions that the health sector is going through. The salaries were stopped, but there will be honor for the health sector in the tunnels and support for the stationers to liberate Marib from the filth of the invaders, occupiers and mercenaries. ”The Minister of Health praised the steadfastness of the health sector cadres and their continued provision of medical and treatment services to the sick and wounded. The Qur’an renewed the energies and interest in the attitudes. She pointed out that the Qur’anic culture instilled in the souls the meanings and values ​​of steadfastness in the face of aggression and the renewal of efforts to supplement the fronts with men, equipment and money .. stressing the approach, morals, courage and patience of the martyr, the leader in the trench of defense of the homeland. Undersecretaries of the Ministry of Health and its employees, it was announced that a caravan would run in the name of the health sector for the Almoravids in the Ma'rib front and on the various fronts, and a poem was recited by the poet Moaz Al-Junaid and a movie was screened Documentary about the martyr leader.