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3/14/2021 12:00:00 AM

Minister of Health: The medical sector in Yemen is ringing the alarm as a result of the aggression preventing the arrival of fuel

10March 2021

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, announced today, Wednesday, that the medical sector in Yemen is ringing the alarm, with partial services suspended in hospitals, as the Saudi-American aggression coalition continues to prevent the arrival of fuel ships to Yemen.

Al-Mutawakel stressed during a stand by the Ministry of Health employees to protest against the continued aggression to prevent fuel ships from reaching Yemen, stressing that the continued silence of the countries of the world in the face of the aggression’s coalition’s detention of oil ships means pushing the medical sector towards stopping vital services in operations, intensive care, blood banks and refrigerated medicines.

He called on the world and international organizations to exert pressure to deliver fuel to Yemen and stop the massacre that the aggression coalition is pushing to detain oil ships,

Whereas, the Ministry of Health statement that was read during the stand confirmed that preventing hospitals from obtaining fuel is a war crime, explaining that the lack of fuel threatens more than 1500 hospitals and health centers, 400 blood banks and laboratories to stop, and with it thousands of lives are threatened.

The Ministry of Health stated that more than 5,200 patients with kidney failure have their lives threatened by death as a result of the lack of fuel, indicating that 200 children born every day are condemned to inevitable death during a complete lack of fuel from hospitals and medical centers.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the medical sector is in urgent need of fuel deliveries to continue its vital services and restart the stalled departments.