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5/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

The Minister of Health discusses with the governor of Marib, ways to improve the health situation in the governorate

 (27 / Apr / 2021)

 Sana'a - Sheba:

The Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, discussed today with the Governor of Ma'rib, Ali Mohammad Toaiman, ways to improve the health situation in the governorate.

 The meeting touched on the plans to support health facilities in the liberated districts, as well as the willingness to fully deal with the health situation in the governorate, and to operate the suspended facilities in a way that contributes to alleviating the suffering of citizens due to the repercussions of the aggression and siege.

 Minister Al-Mutawakil emphasized the ministry's support for the health sector in Marib and the readiness to supply health facilities with the equipment and medicines necessary to play their role in providing health services to patients and beneficiaries in various directorates.

 In turn, Governor Toaiman reviewed the suffering of the people of the province as a result of the deterioration of the health situation and their forced to travel to neighboring governorates for treatment as a result of the lack of medical equipment and staff in health centers and units ... He pointed to the systematic targeting and destruction of the health sector by the American-Saudi aggression coalition, which destroyed three hospitals and about seven  Health units and centers.

Governor Taiman indicated that the governorate of Marib should be given priority in health projects to compensate for the years of deprivation that it lived during the previous regimes, and the destruction and looting it suffered by the mercenaries of aggression, pointing out that the local authority will work to facilitate the work of health cadres in a way that contributes to  Improving medical and therapeutic services.

 The meeting was attended by the Director of the Health Office in Marib Governorate, Muhammad Al-Sha`ab, and the Director of the Governor's Office, Fawaz Al-Salhi.