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5/25/2021 12:00:00 AM

A medical team at Al-Thawra Hospital Authority in Al-Hudaydah succeeds in performing a spinal operation

[24May / 2021]

A medical team in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority in Al-Hudaydah has succeeded in conducting a qualitative surgery "stabilizing vertebral fractures".

The operation carried out by the team headed by Dr. Ali Sharaf al-Din and Dr. Abdul-Ghani al-Jaboubi, for a patient in her thirties, who suffered vertebral fractures as a result of her fall, was successful.

According to the medical team, the operation lasted more than five hours, and the patient's condition was stable and still being supervised by the specialized doctors.

It is noteworthy that the operation that was conducted for the first time in the Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority in Hodeidah, after the availability of the capabilities and specialized medical cadres with the support of the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the Governorate.