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6/26/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Minister of Health Warns of a Major Health Disaster due to the Lack of Oil Derivatives

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Public Health and Population warned of a major health catastrophe due to the lack of oil derivatives, blaming the United Nations and the countries of aggression for the daily deaths due to the deteriorating health situation as a result of the aggression and the blockade and preventing oil ships from entering Yemen.

The Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil emphasized that Yemen is on the brink of a major health catastrophe if aggression countries continue to be obstinate and to prevent entry to ships of oil derivatives.

He said, "We sound the alarm, especially after a partial stoppage of three oxygen factories, which exposes thousands of patients to death, especially those in intensive care rooms, in isolation centers, hospitals, nurseries and others, which means that we are facing a crime that bears responsibility for the aggression by seizing the oil ships and the United Nations in its silence."

He pointed out that the continuation of the siege and the prevention of the arrival of oil derivative ships further aggravated the health situation, in addition to the bombing and destruction of this sector by the aggression.

The Minister Al-Mutawakil indicated that hospitals depend entirely on oil derivatives in providing them with energy to operate medical, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, moving ambulances and emergency vehicles, and transporting doctors, paramedics, and health workers .. pointing out that preventing aggression entering oil derivatives means the death penalty for hundreds of thousands of patients.

He expressed concern about the interruption of operating rooms, intensive care, emergencies, diagnostic and therapeutic means, laboratories and incubators in all hospitals and health centers due to the interruption of sources of supplying them with electrical energy .. He pointed out that preventing oil derivatives undermines the process of facing the Corona virus in isolation centers in various governorates.

A statement issued by the ministry confirmed that preventing the entry of oil derivatives will turn hospitals into cemeteries due to running out of fuel and stopping ambulance services, as well as threatening the cessation of many hospitals to provide treatment and diagnostic services, laboratories, operations rooms, intensive care, and dialysis and emergency centers, among others.

The statement called on human rights organizations to quickly move and pressure the coalition countries to allow entry to oil ships and other ships, especially as they are subject to United Nations inspections.

The statement indicated that the aggression coalition intentionally killed Yemenis by preventing the entry of ships of oil derivatives into complex crimes added to its previous series of crimes.

To that, more than 30 central, pivotal, and rural hospitals condemned the criminal descent of the Saudi-American aggression alliance countries in preventing oil derivatives from entering Yemen, exposing the country to a new health disaster.

Hospitals confirmed in statements that many departments are at risk of stopping as a result of the depletion of oil derivatives, which puts patients, especially children and women, at risk of death.