Ministry Spokesperson
أخبار عامة
9/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Health spokesperson: Measures taken by UN organizations in Yemen are subject to the will of the forces of aggression

  1 September  2020

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health,Dr. Yusef Al-Hadhiri said that the measures taken by the UN organizations inYemen are subject to the will of the forces of aggression and are biasedtowards it.

Al-Hadhiri added that 41 major UnitedNations programs in Yemen had not been fully implemented.

He continued: Thousands of healthfacilities are subject to closure in the coming period, and 50 to 80% of UnitedNations health programs have been scaled down or have been closed.

He stressed that the Ministry of Healthwould not stand idly by in favor of reducing UN aid to Yemen, and that we wouldmove towards full dependence on local staff with the most capacity. higherlevels available, and that the humanitarian situation in Yemen is a stain onthe face of the United Nations.

He stressed that despite the financial difficulties,we will work to build resilience in the health sector, and we will preserve allthat we can preserve, and we will not give up at all costs.