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9/5/2020 12:00:00 AM

Health officials: The United Nations decision to withdraw support from the health sector is a dangerous and a real disaster

September3, 2020:

Thehead of Al-Thawra Hospital in Sanaa, Dr. said. Abdullatif Abu Talib, The UnitedNations decision to withdraw support from the health sector is dangerous in itstiming and is pushing towards a real disaster.

AndDr. added. Abu Taleb, "The decision to withdraw they want to be a painfulblow in light of the tight blockade, preventing the entry of medical suppliesand the lack of oil products."

Forhis part, the head of Al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeidah, Dr. Yahya Suhail of themarch The UN abrupt withdrawal without prior news will lead to a humanitariancatastrophe.

Inthe same context, the head of Al-Thawra Hospital in Ibb, Dr. Abdul-GhaniGhabsheh: The decision to withdraw international organizations from supportingthe Yemeni health sector is a new war that aims to bring the Yemeni people totheir knees.

Thehead of the Republican Hospital in Saada d. Saleh Qurban said that theorganizations ’decision to stop supporting the health sector will be affectedby the malnutrition centers, dialysis centers, and people with chronicdiseases.

Asthe Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for the curative medicine sector,Dr. Ali Jahaf, "The United Nations is talking about the largest globalhumanitarian crisis in Yemen, and then it stops supporting the medical and humanitarianservices provided by the health sector."