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9/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

A meeting in Sanaa reviews scientific and health stories and experiences

(03 / Sep / 2020)

A meeting held in Sana'a today for a groupof academics, doctors, students and students of medical colleges reviewedscientific and health stories and experiences entitled “Towards promoting bestpractices in the field of public health.” 
In the meeting organized by Al-RaziUniversity in cooperation with a number of initiatives and medicalinstitutions, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education andScientific Research praised For educational affairs, Dr. Ghaleb Al-Qanis, atAl-Razi University’s initiative to hold the meeting, review and documentsuccess stories and experiences of a number of students and medical staff, andbenefit from them professionally and practically.

He stressed the Ministry's keenness tosupport and support initiatives to present and document success stories andexperiences in a way that enhances the determination to overcome challenges andachieve the aspirations that everyone seeks to achieve, while theUndersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ali Jahaf, pointed out theimportance of the meeting to present and document health stories for aconstellation of health personnel working in the field. 
The Chairman of theBoard of Trustees of Al-Razi University, Dr. Tariq Al-Nahmi, explained that themeeting aims to promote best practices in health care by examining theexperiences and success stories in the health field in order to ensure thatmedical college students benefit from these experiences. For his part, the headof the preparatory committee for the meeting, Dr. Adnan Al-Jaber pointed outthe importance of The meeting is to provide an opportunity for academics,teachers and students to share their professional experiences and successstories.
After that, a review of success storiesand experiences began, under the chairmanship of the jury consisting of Dr.Ahmed Al-Ansi as Chairman, and the membership of Dr. Ali Al-Mudwahi and Dr.Mahfouz Bamshmous.

The first group dealt with a presentationof the experience of dealing with Covid 19 presented by Dr. Rania Jaashan andDr. Ahmed Qais, who reviewed the psychological and physical condition, how todeal with the injured in isolation centers, and the role of everyone inlimiting the spread of the Corona pandemic. Dr. Salwa Al-Ghumairy, Dr. EssamAl-Qardou 'reviewed his experience in achieving the dream. In her successstory, Dr. Athba Al-Barti touched on the motives for success. Dr. Tariq Al-Daispresented four tips for professional success.

The second group of Dr. Sala Jaafarpresented the motivating motives for the path of success, and Dr. MohamedKhalba addressed his success story entitled "Living life meansexperiencing pain", and Dr. Salim Hamilah reviewed a success story to savelives, while the student Ruqaya Al-Shahari discussed her story with the trilogyof passion and supportive environment, The student Monia Al-Mutarib reviewedher story in choosing the desired major, and the student Alia Al-Qabatipresented her story of reaping success, and in conclusion, the jury selectedthe two best presentations of Dr. Sala Jaafar's experience for the first groupand the experience of Dr. Rania Jaashan for the second group, and they werehonored with the university shield and certificates of appreciation, while theywere honored. Participants and the jury.