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أخبار عامة
9/7/2020 12:00:00 AM

A meeting in Hodeidah discusses epidemic control measures during the next winter season

(05 / Sep / 2020)

The Technical Committee for Epidemics andDisasters in Al Hudaydah Governorate discussed, in its meeting today, headed bythe Chargé d'Affairs of the governorate, Muhammad Ayyash Qahim, measures tocombat epidemics and fevers during the next winter season.

At the meeting, Qahim stressed the need toredouble efforts to confront epidemics, in coordination with the GovernorateHealth Office, by holding meetings with the relevant committees to beginimplementing control measures.

He called upon members of the committeesto follow up all health facilities by submitting reports and notes on theepidemiological situation, in order to ensure that measures are taken to confrontdiseases and epidemics and provide health care for the cases that will bemonitored.

He indicated that teams will be assignedto fill the remaining swamps, due to the transmission of diseases and epidemicsthey constitute among the population, pointing to the importance of raisingcommunity awareness and health education in preventing various epidemics anddiseases.

At the meeting, the Undersecretary of theMinistry of Health for the curative medicine sector, Dr.Muhammad Al-Mansour,referred to the importance of enhancing community awareness by implementingawareness campaigns in facilities, forums and gatherings, and distributingeducational information materials on how to prevent diseases and epidemics.

He explained that the ministry'ssurveillance teams and its offices in the governorates are carrying outactivities in the surveillance areas in the districts, distributing mosquitonets to residents, as well as implementing pesticide spraying campaigns toeliminate mosquitoes.

While the director of the governorate'shealth office, Dr. Khaled Al-Madani, reviewed the office’s procedures inimplementing the plan that was approved by the ministry to confront epidemicsand diseases during the next winter season, and to take measures that mitigatetheir spread.

He indicated that going to residentialneighborhoods to educate citizens by working to fill the hotbeds that threatenthe spread of diseases and mosquito proliferation .. indicating that theministry has established a unit to transport plates for fevers, especially foremergency and urgent cases of people with dengue and malaria.

The meeting was attended by thegovernorate's assistant undersecretary, Ali Al-Kabbari, and a number ofexecutive office managers.