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أخبار عامة
9/12/2020 12:00:00 AM

The opening of the emergency hospital in Bani Mansour in the outer neighborhood

(10 / Sep / 2020)

The deputies of the Governor of Sanaa,Faris Al-Kahali, Ahmed Al-Samat, Gebran Ghober, and the deputy supervisor ofthe governorate, Yahya Al-Moaydi, opened today the emergency hospital in theBani Mansour area in the Al-Hayma Al-Outriya District.

The agents and supporters listened to thedirector of health in the directorate, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ashwal, to anexplanation of the departments and services that the hospital will provide inthe general emergency departments, surgeries, intensive care, care forpremature babies, incubators, comprehensive obstetric emergencies anddiagnostic sections.

He explained that the hospital willprovide services to citizens in the districts of Al-Himatin, Manakha andSaafan, in addition to the Sana'a Hodeidah line emergency.

Al-Ashwal pointed to the importance of themedical project that was rehabilitated and equipped in partnership between theSocial Fund for Development and the local authority in the governorate and thehospital administration at a cost of $ 324,000.

The agents and the deputy supervisor ofthe governorate emphasized the importance of the hospital’s role in meeting thecitizens ’needs and providing quality medical services to patients. Theyappreciated the efforts of the governorate’s health office and its role infollowing up support for the hospital and building health centers and units inthe governorate’s districts.

They considered the opening of thehospital a qualitative achievement in light of the current challenges toalleviate the suffering of patients in Al-Himatin areas and neighboringdistricts who suffer the trouble of traveling for treatment in hospitals in thecapital, Sana'a, and remote areas.

In addition, the agents of Sana'agovernorate and the deputy supervisor of the governorate, along with thedirector of the directorate Talal Ghober and the leadership of the healthoffice, opened the hospital's acute watery diarrhea treatment center with thesupport of the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

They appreciated the efforts of theleaderships of the Ministry of Health and the Governorate and the partners ofthe Governorate Health Office in providing support and cooperation for theimplementation of medical projects and keeping up with the needs ... stressingthe importance of upgrading the level of medical services in accordance withthe evidence and standards of the Ministry of Health to ensure the provision ofquality services to patients.

The opening was attended by thegovernorate advisor, Abd al-Latif Haydan, the director of human resources inthe governorate, Abd al-Karim al-Salami, and the director of health in thedistrict.