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9/19/2020 12:00:00 AM

Ministry of Health concludes a training course for rapid response teams in Marib

[17 September 2020]

Today, Thursday, in Sana'a, a training course for rapid response teams from the districts of Majzar, Sirwah, Harib al-Qarameesh and Debda in Marib  concluded, organized by the training sector at the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the World Health Organization

The four-day course aimed at providing 17 trainees from health facilities with knowledge and techniques about all diseases, the basics of diagnosis, as well as the skills of data collection, how to investigate and write reports.

Participants in the course received practical training to learn the roles of the response team members and the tasks assigned to them, and training in managing cases of corona, cholera, diphtheria, dengue fever and measles, as well as methods of infection control and prevention and dealing with personal protective equipment.

In conclusion, the director of the governorate's health office, Muhammad al-Sha`ab, stressed the importance of transferring the knowledge and skills that the trainees received in the course to the field reality, and the effective contribution to immunizing society from the epidemics spread under conditions of aggression and siege.